Thank God for what you have, trust God for what you need!

I know that you have heard me say this over and over, but we need to “thank God for what we have and trust God for what we need!” Sometimes we hear principles like this and we agree mentally and it rings true in our hearts…but then we never actually do it!

Years ago I heard this quote from Dr.Edwin Louis Cole, “Don’t make the lethal mistake of thinking that just because you know something that you are doing it!” Wow…let that one sink in! James put it this way, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (1:22)

So let me challenge you today, to first of all, actively thank God for what you have! Think about it…come with at least 4 or 5 things that you are thankful to God for. But then again, 4 or 5, how about 10 or 12? And remember, don’t just think your thanks! You will begin to feel gratitude and faith rise inside! You’ll begin to clearly see how present and faithful God is to you!

Now, having taken a fresh look at God’s faithfulness and provision in your life, trust God for what you need! I believe that trust also is not silent. When you are trusting God you should tell Him, “Lord, I am trusting You to help me with this…to meet this need…to work in this situation…!” Trusting God releases Him to do the unexplainable, supernatural in your life and situation! And then before you know it, what you were trusting God for is now in the other column where you are thanking Him for doing it!

So again, actively take the time to articulate to God what you are trusting Him for. Let Him know that you can’t do this on your own, or you would have already done it. Let Him know that you are looking to Him as your Source and Help!

I sure use a lot of exclamation marks!!!

Grace & peace!

2 thoughts on “Thank God for what you have, trust God for what you need!

  1. ..and praise God for the answer because you trust in Him…….for He will sustain you and will satiate your soul with abundance and shall be satisfied with His goodness (Psalm 55:22, Jer. 30:14). Let your actions and ways reflect Trust in the Almighty

  2. My soul has been touched by reading all those comments.God is my provider,deliver,healer,helper,my strength and my salvation.He open doors that no man can shut,Close the mouth of lions, calm the raging sea,part the Red sea ,caused the water to stand still to deliver the children of Israel from the the enemy.Pray for my future husband Trevor from being very ill at this time.I need a total deliverance for his body and soul.He needs to be disease free, and I know that that the Almighty God in the Name of Jesus can and will Deliver my darling Trevor from any disease that plague his mortal body.God bless you all. sis Hya.

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